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1 - 2% salt is added to the chips. As a result, the Trafo chips contain a maximum of 2 grams of salt per 100 grams of chips.

The chips are fried in 100% organic sunflower oil. Exceptions are a few types of chips that fall under the Heart range. These are "chips baked in coconut oil" and "chips baked in olive oil". As the name suggests, these varieties are baked in 100% organic coconut oil or 100% organic olive oil.

It cannot be guaranteed that the herbal mixtures that are on the chips are gluten-free. This means that all types of Trafo chips can contain traces of gluten.

Cereals containing gluten: Trafo Pretzel sticks (wheat flour and barley malt extract).

Milk (including lactose): Classic Sourcream & Onion chips, Handcooked Sourcream & Onion chips, Handcooked Sourcream & Onion chips, Stone Ground Tortilla Sourcream, Tortilla chips Nacho, Cheese Flips, children's snacks Mini Rice cakes Chocolate, Mini Rice cakes Yoghurt Chocolate, chocolate and the Raisins in yoghurt.

Peanuts: Cornpeanuts.

Celery: Classic chips Salt & Vinegar.

Soy: Child's snacks Raisins in yogurt and Child's snacks Raisins in milk chocolate.

Trafo's non-vegan products are: Classic chips Sourcream & Onion, Handcooked chips Sourcream & Onion, Handcooked chips Sourcream & Onion, Stone Ground Tortilla Sourcream, Tortilla chips Nacho, Cheese Flips, Mini Rice cakes Chocolate,Mini Rice cakes Yoghurt Chocolate, Raisins in chocolate and Raisins in yogurt. These products are not vegan because milk powder has been incorporated into the products. 

Nee, de groentechips bevat geen glucosestroop. Vroeger bevatte de groentechips van Trafo glucosestroop. Het product is verbeterd en de glucosestroop is uit het product gehaald. Hierdoor bevat de groentechips van Trafo geen glucosestroop en is het een onjuist dat glucosestroop in het Portugees nog op het etiket staat vermeld. Inmiddels is de verpakking aangepast.

As soon as starches (in a potato) are baked at a temperature higher than 120 degrees Celsius, acrylamide is created. FZ Organic does its upper best to limit the amount of acrylamide as much as possible. For example, many of our chips are blanched and a vacuum oven is used. Less acrylamide is produced during the baking process in this oven. 

A compostable package is made from cellulose and sugar instead of plastic. This allows the packaging to be thrown into the green conainer after consuming the chips. The packaging will be completely composted after approximately 6 weeks. The types of Trafo chips that are currently packaged in compostable packaging are the Hummus chips, Lentil chips and Stone Ground Tortillas.

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