Truly the tastiest crisps!

Our crisps are prepared according to traditional methods. In doing so, we work with farmers who work organically. This allows us to use high-quality potatoes, maize, vegetables and pulses for our crisps. We also use delicious authentic flavours, such as; beetroot to sweet chilli, BBQ, rosemary and Arabian spices.

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Fancy a mix crisp with carrot, beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato?

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 Our product range 

We make purely organic crisps of the best quality. And we have been doing so for more than 30 years. And that is reflected in the care with which we select our organic potatoes, the passion and skill with which we process them and, above all, the taste of our end product: tasty and organic crisps from Dutch soil!


The authentic taste of Trafo. Made from the best quality organic potatoes and fried in sunflower oil. 

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Made from the best quality potatoes and cut slightly thicker. Firm texture and crispy bite! 

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Crispy fried crinckle cut crisps. Made from the best quality potatoes. Fried in sunflower oil. 

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Made from organic vegetables. 25% less fat than regular crisps. So a perfect snack! 

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Made from legumes, such as chickpeas and lentils. Contains no sugars and is 25% less fat than regular crisps. Packaged in compostable packaging! 

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Corn flips

The flips are oven-baked. Made of corn, nice and fluffy and with crispy bite! With peanut flavour or the gluten-free variant "cheese".

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Our organic popcorn is made from corn. As a snack or tasty treat during a Netflix night! 

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Our crispy tortilla made from corn. Very tasty with our matching dipping sauces and in Mexican dishes, such as nachos!

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Pretzel sticks

This snack with coarse pieces of salt is very popular as a savoury snack. 

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Tasty and responsible snacks for children. Try the sultanas with cheerful images of animals. 

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Made from the best quality organic potatoes, fried in coconut oil or olive oil. Deliciously crispy and a great taste experience!

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 New special:

 truffle-flavoured crisps! 

These exclusive crisps from Trafo have a delicious subtle flavour of truffle. A real treat for your senses! Made from the best quality potatoes. 

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 Straight from the land, fresh and delicious! 

Fresh and crispy, with a characteristic bite. Organic chips that will make you happy! 

We select the best quality potatoes, maize or pulses as the base for our chips and we work (since 1983) with local farmers! From sweet crisps, stone ground tortilla chips, chips fried in coconut oil to our classics.  We have chips in all flavours and varieties, for every moment!

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Are you already familiar with our flips?

Our flips come in three delicious flavour varieties. From pea-based "Pea Flips" to our beloved "Chickpea Flips" made from organic chickpeas, sprinkled with delicious mild curry spices. The lentil flips rosemary is a rich addition to the range and is appreciated for its airy texture and flavourful spicy flavour.  

The strong, fresh (slightly sweet) flavour of rosemary is perfectly captured by the lentils; a very tasty combination! The flips are deliciously crunchy less fatty than ordinary crisps. Made from 77% red split lentil flour and fried in HO (High Oliec) sunflower oil.

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