Our chips are made from organic potatoes, vegetables, maize or pulsus. Fried in organic sunflower oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

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Our passion for crisps

Selecting the best quality potatoes and working with local farmers. That is what we are good at. And we have been doing it - with great pleasure - for more than 30 years now. The result: tasty and responsible crisps from Dutch soil!

We make Trafo crisps from our family business in Wolvega. Would you like to know more about our history, philosophy and methods? 

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An honest story behind every crisp

100% Organic

We only maken organic products.
Skal certified

Vegetarian & vegan

In addition, our chips are - whenever possible - gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free

Low fat

We can reduce fat from our hummus and lentil chips by 15 -20%.

Contemporary design

 The crisps and snacks come in eye-catching packaging. The different varieties are distinctive, but together the bags are very recognisable.

Special flavours

From beetroot, rosemary to sweet chilli. Based on potatoes, corn, vegetables to legumes.

Traditionnally produced

We make our crisps according to traditional recipe and baking process. Fried in sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil or in the vacuum oven

Fresh and crispy.

Crisps that make you happy!


Fresh and crispy, with a characteristic bite. Organic crisps that make you happy! We select the best quality potatoes, maize or pulses as the basis for our crisps. In addition, we have been working with local farmers since 1983.

From sweet crisps, tortilla chips, chips fried in coconut oil to our classics. We have crisps in all flavours and varieties. For every moment! 

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Local, from the Flevopolder

We source our products from close by and like to get the potatoes and ingredients for our vegetable chips from the nearby Flevopolder. A unique growing area, where no chemicals were used from the time of extraction (origin).

No artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides, but taking natural processes into account, so that our organic crops grow in a balanced way. That is why our products are so tasty and healthy. 

Straight from the land

To make our crisps, we work with fresh ingredients. Here, we work directly with farmers in the area. We share the same passion for the beautiful natural product that means:

  • No pesticides

  • More nutrients

  • Not genetically manipulated

  • Organic is tastier

  • Our farmers are not exposed to poison

  • Costs of water extraction go down

  • Better for people, animals and nature

  • Organic farming focuses on high quality and healthy products!